Neurons in Action, 2nd Edition  

Updates for the CD Version

Updates may be available for your version of Neurons in Action. To identify the version of NIA you are currently running, look at the version number on your CD (just below the center, on the left).

Neurons in Action CD

Windows Updates

Neurons in Action 2.0.4 and earlier

Install the update below to update NIA 2 to version 2.0.5.

  1. Download NIA 2.0.5 Patch.
  2. Double click file to install the patch. (If a message appears that "Windows Protected Your PC", click "more info", and then "Run anyway").
  3. Click "Unzip". A popup box will notify you that patch files were unzipped successfully.
  4. Click "OK".
  5. Close NIA 2 patch installer.
  6. Launch the program as normal.*
*Note: When you click the "Start a Simulation" button in any tutorial, a security warning will appear at the bottom of the window. Click "Open" to run the simulations.

Changes from previous versions

  • Browser changed to Internet Explorer to fix a Firefox issue.
  • NEURON update that was applied in 2.0.2.
  • Tutorial updates

Other Notes

The first time the launcher runs it will request Admin privileges so .nrm files will launch with NEURON.

A security dialog will open at the bottom of the page when running tutorials. That dialog will need to be approved to launch each tutorial.

Mac Updates

Users of macOS 10.14 (Mojave)

Please install this update to NEURON so the program will run. Please do not install this update if you are running an earlier version of macOS or OS X, it will cause NEURON to stop launching.

Users of OS X 10.11 (El Capitan)

This program needs a small patch to work on OS X 10.11. There are two ways to obtain this patch:

  • Redownload the software - all versions of Neurons in Action downloaded after October 27, 2015 have the patch already applied. Please contact if you need more information on how to obtain a download. Make sure to include your download code or registration number in your email.
  • Apply the patch by hand - the file updated is very small and can be quickly updated via the Terminal. Here's how to do it:
    1. Make sure Neurons in Action 2 is already installed in your Applications folder.
    2. Open Applications->Terminal
    3. Copy and paste the following line into the terminal window, then press Return

      curl > /Applications/

    4. The patch is now applied, the Terminal window can be closed.

This patch is not required for users of OS X 10.10 and earlier.

Neurons in Action 2.0.3

No updates needed at this time.

Neurons in Action 2.0.2 and earlier

These versions need one update:

  • Download update to the Introduction to Neurons in Action tutorial to include the current trace